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    Authorization for Meds to be Taken at School Form
    Posted on 08/11/2017

    For those students who need medication during school hours, the following is required by Washington State Law and must be completed and on file before any medication may be given at school:

    Please download the Authorization for Medications to be Taken at School Form: Authorization for Medications to be Taken at School Form

    1. All medications (including over the counter) to be administrated at school require an authorized signature of both the parent/guardian and a licensed health professional.
    2. Medication must be in a properly labeled (see list) original pharmacy container.
      • Student’s Name
      • Name and Strength of Medication/Including Dosage to be Given
      • Time and Method of Administration
      • Length of Time/Days to be Given
    3. Medications other then oral, eye, ear, or topical may need to be administered by a licensed nurse: epinephrine auto injectors (epi-pen, auvi-q) are an exception. Please contact your school nurse for more information.