School Supply List

School Supply List
Posted on 06/27/2016
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2016-2017 School Supply List Fairmount Park PDF version

Fairmount Park
3800 SW Findlay Street
Seattle, WA 98126






Communal Supplies: Please do not write names on supplies.

16 large Crayola crayons. Prefer flat box. 
Box of band aids.
1 box tissue.
Pack of Ticonderoga laddie pencils 
2 pink pearl erasers.
2 black dry erase expo markers.
8 pack fat markers.
1 pack Crayola water-colors.
1 bottle Elmer’s school glue.
2 plastic folders. Solid color. 
2 Reams of white copy paper.
1 Ream of colored copy paper (multi-color pack, if possible)

Individual Supplies

  • Headphones. Will be used by your child only. Please label with a permanent marker. 
  • Extra change of clothes. Will be stored in your child’s locker.
  • Backpack Tips: No rolling backpacks please as they will not fit in lockers. We recommend a full size backpack instead of a “Mini Backpack.” This allows students to fit a folder, books, and a lunchbox. 
  • Be sure to label all personal belongings such as coats, lunchboxes, and backpacks

First and Second Grades

Personal Supplies:  (label with student’s first name)

Headphones (audio jack, not USB, and over the head, not earbuds)
Backpack (Not too large or rolling style, please…must fit in locker)

Class Contributions/ Communal Supply: (do not label with names)

1 pair of scissors (Fiskars, preferred)
4 wide-ruled, 9.5” x 7.5” Mead composition notebooks (basic black & white ONLY)
1 box of thin-tipped color markers
1 Crayola Water Colors (8 count)
8 Expo dry-erase markers – (fine tip and black ONLY)
2 black Sharpies (fine-tipped) (extras welcome!)
2 Pink Pearl erasers
Post-it note packs (Not accordion style, please), various sizes:  3” x 5”, 3” x 3”, and 1.5” x 2” 
15 glue sticks
1 container unscented baby wipes
1 box of tissues
1 bottle of Elmer’s glue
2 rolls of transparent tape with disposable dispenser (extras welcome!)
1 roll of blue or masking tape
36 Sharpened #2 Ticonderoga pencils
24 count crayons
1 clipboard (basic brown, low profile, no large clip) (optional)
1st grade – box of sandwich-sized Ziplock bags
2nd grade – box of gallon-sized Ziplock bags
2nd grade - 4 Poly Pocket Folders – 1 blue, 1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow 

Third Grade

Personal Supplies:  

Headphones (audio jack or USB) in a gallon Ziploc bag (label with student’s name)

Class Contributions/ Communal Supply: (DO NOT label with names)

36 or more Sharpened #2 Ticonderoga pencils
2 or more Pink Pearl erasers
4 wide-ruled, 9.5” x 7.5” composition notebooks (basic black & white, please)
4 folders – 2-pocket, in 4 different colors
1 package of write-on, 5-tab dividers (for 3-ring binder, which will be provided by teacher)
Pack of ~4 or more Expo dry-erase markers – chisel tip
2 black Sharpies (fine and/or ultra-fine tip)
4 black Flair pens
1 roll transparent or masking, or blue painters’ tape
Post-it note packs (Not accordion style, please), various sizes:  3” x 5”, 3” x 3”, and 1.5” x 2” 

**Wish list items (donate if you can): 

Ziplock bags (sandwich, gallon, 2-gallon)
Mr. Sketch markers
Magic Eraser (Mr. Clean)
unscented baby wipes (not Clorox)
box of tissues
index cards – lined or unlined
ream of colored copy paper (any color, copy or index weight)

Fourth and Fifth Grades

Personal Supplies: labeled with student’s first name

Backpack - large enough for binder but not too large as it must fit into lockers.   No rolling backpacks.
1 ½”  3-Ring Binder (must fit in backpack – no zipping binders as they do not fit in backpacks)
Pencil Pouch for 3 ring binder 
10 Binder Dividers
4 Composition Books
I Pair of Student Scissors
1 Pencil Sharpener with Shaving Catcher
1 Flash drive
1 set of headphones or ear buds

Communal Supplies/Classroom Contributions (do not label with name)

2 packs of notebook paper, wide ruled
3x3” Post-it notes - 4 pads or more
12+ Glue Sticks
1 Scotch Tape
24+ Sharpened Pencils to start the year
2 Handheld Erasers
2 Black Flair Pens
1 Box Crayola Colored Pencils
1 Box Crayola Markers
2 Sharpies
1 Box Kleenex
1 Package of Unscented Baby Wipes
4 pack of Expo broad tip markers (blue or black only please)

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